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Casino RTP & Volatility

In this guide, we’ll explain everything about both terms RTP and Volatility as well we will answer the all-important question – are they one and the same?

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  • RTP & Volatility

Online Slots are easy to play and entertaining, but there are many technical terms surrounding them that might be a bit confusing for new players. Such as RTP and volatility – are these real terms? Yes, they are, and they are highly important for slot games online.

As games of luck, slots are controlled by a Random Number Generator. But, they don’t shell prizes just like that. In fact, there are different types of slots that differ in terms of RTP and volatility.

What is RTP In Online Slots?

RTP stands short for Return to Player. This is a mathematical and theoretical measure of the amount of money a slot machine pays back to players in the long run. The RTP is one of the key aspects of slot data, showing you the house edge of a slot game by displaying the RTP in a percentage.

Let’s see an example: a slot with 96% RTP—which is the industry average—is expected to pay back 96% of all bets in the long run. Theoretically, it will return $96 for every $100 players wager on it. But, that doesn’t mean it’s an automatic win. You can still lose $100 in bets and not get a cent back.

What is Slot Volatility?

Unlike the RTP, slot Volatility is a measure of risk. More specifically, it tells you how often a slot pays. There are three volatility levels:

  • Low volatility: slots that pay lower sums of money more frequently
  • Medium volatility: slot games that pay varied prizes
  • High volatility: slots with dry spells that may occasionally pay big rewards


No, they aren’t, but they work in synergy. RTP represents the expected returns, while volatility shows you how often you can expect returns. Of course, both are theoretical, so you shouldn’t take them for granted and be disappointed when you lose money.

No, you can’t. Slots are games of chance, so you can’t use a strategy to win more often. But, if you’re careful with your bets and play responsibly, you can get the most out of slots. Bank your winnings or use casino bonuses as a smart way of winning more often.

RTP is a measure of the amount of money a slot pays back in the long run. Compared to it, volatility is a measure of risk – it shows you how often a slot pays.

Highly volatile slots don’t pay as often as medium or low variance slots. But, they might randomly pay bigger wins than the other slot types.

It should be listed in the guide or in the casino’s lobby. It’s typically the first feature listed on a game page.

No, it isn’t, but you can calculate the house edge by learning the RTP of a slot. For example, if the RTP is a flat 96%, the operator’s house edge on that game is 4% (out of 100%).

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